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As an experienced Windham optometrist,  Dr. Robinson provides area residents with comprehensive neuro-optometric rehabilitation services along with vision therapy solutions for both adults and children. Dr. Robinson is specially trained to treat a variety of vision related conditions using a basic neuro-visual postural model of vision which is  designed to restore and improve visual function. Dr. Robinson's specific credentials for his work in neuro-optometric rehabilitation:  1. NORA certification for completion of Clinical Skills Level 2 in 2007;  2. Certification of passing course requirements in Neuro-Visual Postural Rehabilitation through Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, Georgia- 2013-2014.  

Dr. Colin Robinson is experienced in the most advanced neuro-visual postural therapy techniques available, and regularly attends continuing education courses and seminars in order to offer patients the highest quality vision services possible. Whether you are experiencing partial or constant double vision, significant balance problems, significant light sensitivity problems, or other functional vision problems,, the Robinson Center For Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation team will work with you to create a treatment plan designed just for you. 

Working One-on-One With Dr. Robinson 

When you call to make an appointment with Dr. Robinson for a neuro-visual postural evaluation, you will first receive a comprehensive eye health and vision evaluation.  Once this information is taken, Dr. Robinson will make an assessment of your balance by observing your walking patterns.  He may have you wear testing prism lenses to observe any postural shifts and/or improvement in balance and stability.   Once your testing has been completed and Dr. Robinson has evaluated your results, we will work one on one with you to discuss possible treatment options.  This may include wearing special prism glasses along with special home therapy neuro-visual postural exercises to help you to process visual information more effectively. With this neuro-visual postural therapy, many patients have noticed a dramatic or significant increase in their vision. Another therapy that Dr. Robinson sometimes suggests is for patients to do a Syntonics light/color therapy at home.  The  goal with this non-invasive light therapy is to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems through the use of special tinted goggles and a special light source.  Many symptoms can be improved by balancing the two nervous systems; improved headache control, less light sensitivity, improved distance visual acuity, sleep deprivation problems, and an overall decrease in anxiety and apprehension. (Of course, there are no guarantees with this therapy, but Dr. Robinson often hears improvements in these symptoms from his patients who undergo the Syntonic's Optometric Phototherapy.).

Vision is one of the most precious senses we have, and living life with impaired vision is difficult and often frustrating. If you have been diagnosed with a vision limiting condition, or are experiencing blurred or double vision, contact Dr. Robinson for an appointment to have a comprehensive neuro-visual rehabilitation evaluation which is scheduled for a minimum of 90 minutes with the doctor.  Included in this evaluation would be a complete vision and eye health evaluation. Even if you've been told in the past that there's nothing you can do about your vision problems, or that you will have to "live with" your impaired vision, Dr. Robinson may be able to help using the most advanced and up-to-date neuro-visual postural therapy techniques and vision services available. 

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